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Common Windows Installation Problems

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Installation Requires Administrator Privileges

Please be sure you run the Windows installation packages as a user with administrator privileges.

Error 1920 on Installation

A message informing you that Error 1920 has occurred may mean several things:

Note that a common mistake that users encounter relates to SYSTEM permissions for the folder you are installing to. It is important to note that when running services as the SYSTEM user (as LumenVox does), the SYSTEM account must have permission within the folder where the executable is installed, so for example, if you add a new hard drive to your machine, it is possible that the SYSTEM user account may not have any permissions until you explicitly grant these. Attempting to install and run LumenVox (or anyone else's) services from those locations where the SYSTEM account is not permitted will fail.

To correct this specific problem, you should grant the SYSTEM user access to the target installation folders. See the Microsoft "How the System account is used in Windows" article for more information.