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Viewing Logs

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There are two ways to view the LumenVox log files:

  1. You can use the Dashboard to read some log files.
  2. You can open the logs using any text editor.
Because not all logs are available through the Dashboard (e.g. logs relating to the speech client), it may be necessary to sometimes find the raw log files. They are located in different locations depending on the application and operating system.

  • Windows
    • Program Files\LumenVox\Engine\Logs contains all of the logs for the ASR and Media Server.
    • Program Files\LumenVox\Speech Tuner\Logs contains all of the logs for the Speech Tuner.
    • Program Files (x86)\LumenVox\TTS Server\Logs contains all of the TTS Server logs.
  • Linux
    • /var/log/lumenvox is the root directory for logs. Logs are then stored in subdirectories with the application name in them.
For more information on logs, see Logs Overview or Understanding LumenVox Logs.