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The LumenVox speech recognition software is compatible with the Avaya Voice Portal platform (for other platforms, including Voice Portal, see Working with Platforms). This is done via the MRCP v1 connection, so before you begin you will need to have the following installed:

  • A working Avaya VP platform that must have already enabled speech recognition on this system — you may refer to our more complete Avaya VP/LumenVox Application Notes for more information on this.
  • The LumenVox Media Server (see our installation instructions)
  • The LumenVox ASR or TTS and License Server. These may run on the same machine as the Media Server or different machines. (See our installation and licensing instructions for Windows or Linux.)

To configure Avaya, you will use the Web-based administration tools and choose the Speech Servers option under the System Configuration section:

  1. Select the ASR tab and click the Add button to add a new ASR server.
  2. You can leave most of the settings at their default, but the Engine Type should be set to Nuance.
  3. Set the Network Address to the IP address of the LumenVox Media Server.
  4. Ensure that the RTSP URL is the IP address of the server with /media/speechrecognizer on the end of it. So if your Media Server were on a machine with the IP address of, you RTSP URL would be
    1. For TTS, the RTSP URL is the IP address of the server with /media/synthesizer. All other configurations are identical to the ASR configuration.

Once you have configured your Avaya VP machine to point to the Media Server, you will need to make changes to the LumenVox MRCP configuration file:

  1. The mrcp_server_ip must be set to the actual IP address, not the loopback. You cannot use for this and must put in the actual IP address of the machine hosting the Media Server.
  2. The compatibility_mode value must be changed from the default to 1.
  3. Optional: if your Speech Engine is running on a different server from the Media Server, you must change sre_ip to the IP address of that machine.