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Installing the MRCPv1 Server

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Deprecated Content

This page refers to outdated, obsolete, or deprecated products or software. This is provided for historical reference for users of older releases. If you are a new user, please refer to elsewhere in the LumenVox knowledge base for up-to-date product information.

Anyone wishing to connect to LumenVox services using either MRCPv1 or MRCPv2 in recent versions of LumenVox over the past few years should use our Media Server service, which replaced this older MRCPv1 Server.


Downloading the MRCPv1 Server

  1.     Login to your account here.       
  3.     Click on Download.       
  5. You may then download the appropriate copy of the MRCP Server for your operating system.



   Installing the MRCP Server is a simple process. On Windows, simply run the setup wizard and follow    the instructions. On Linux, either run the installer or install the RPM.  


   The MRCP Server will be configured by default to run as a service, but you may also    start it as a console application.