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Working With Voice Platforms

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The LumenVox Speech Engine is compatible with many voice platforms that support the MRCP standard. In most situations, all that is required to get LumenVox working with a voice platform is to download and install the LumenVox Media Server, Speech Engine and licenses, and to point the voice platform at the IP address of the LumenVox Media server.

Most voice platforms that support MRCP have an options menu that allows the administrator to configure where the platform should look for an ASR server; this IP address will be the machine running the LumenVox Media Server.

Many platforms also contain pre-configurations for specific ASR servers. If LumenVox is not one of these options, often there is a generic or custom option that can be selected. Otherwise, we are generally compatible with Nuance, IBM or Loquendo settings, so if you are working on a platform that contains those options you may wish to try them.

Instructions for Specific Voice Platforms

We have prepared the following instructions for working with specific platforms. Please select your platform from the related articles list below: