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LVSemanticObject C++ API Summary

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LVSemanticObject represents a composite object. The user can get an LVSemanticObject  by calling LVSemanticData::GetSemanticObject().

Functions Return Type Description
LVSemanticObject()   Constructor
LVSemanticObject(const LVSemanticObject & other)   Copy constructor
~LVSemanticObject()   Destructor
operator = (const LVSemanticObject & other) LVSemanticObject& Assignment operator
operator []  (const char* PropertyId) const LVSemanticData& Returns a LVSemanticData object associated with the property name PropertyId. If the property name doesn't exist, the return object will has type LV_TYPE_NULL.
NumberOfProperties() int Returns the number of properties in this object.
PropertyName (int index) const char* Returns the property name corresponding to index.
PropertyValue(const char* PropertyId)
PropertyValue(int index)
const LVSemanticData& Returns the semantic data associated corresponding to property_name, or index
PropertyExists(const char* PropertyId) bool If this object has a property named property_name, this method returns true, otherwise false.
Print(int format) const char* Print the content of the object in specified format.

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