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Licensing Overview

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Any time you need to use the LumenVox Automatic Speech Recognizer (ASR), Text-to-Speech Server (TTS), Call Progress Analysis (CPA), or the Speech Tuner, you will need one license for each simultaneous session.

This means that if you have five calls to your speech-enabled IVR at the same time, you will need to have at least five ASR licenses.

A license is used when the application opens a port to the speech product, throughout the entire span of the instance's speech automation, and is then released back to the License Server when the port is closed. For example, in a telephony application, this correlates to when the call connects to the IVR, and until the call leaves the IVR

For our API, this begins at CreateClient, and finishes atDestroyClient. With MRCP, the license is tied up for the duration of the MRCP Session.

License Types:  Legacy On-Premise  and Flexible

LumenVox offers several means of vending licenses. Please contact LumenVox Sales if you are interested in a particular system.

  1. Legacy (aka "On-Premise" or "Perpetual"- You purchase the licenses outright, then download and install them on a local LumenVox License Server that you manage and maintain. We have a set of articles on On-Premise Licensing.

  1. Flexible - As of version 12.0, LumenVox offers a hybrid of the previous two systems. You install our License Server and run it in a special mode, where it reports usage information back to a hosted LumenVox Licensing Node. We then bill according to the contracted rates and usage. This system is still in development and testing, and will be put into general availability as soon as it is completed. There is a set of articles on Flexible Licensing.

Deprecated: Subscription Licensing

As of the summer of 2016, the Legacy LumenVox Subscription Licensing system was replaced with the significantly improved Flexible Licensing model.

All users of the legacy subscription system were contacted and migrated over to the new system prior to its decommission.

Regardless of license type, you will download, install and manage the LumenVox products (ASR, TTS, Speech Tuner, etc.) locally. 

The remainder of this article focuses on the On-Premise licensing model.

    More Information About Licensing

    If you would like to control where a LumenVox product installation looks for licenses, see Configuring Licenses.

    Our Frequently Asked Questions about LumenVox Licensing answers many common licensing questions.