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Streamlined API Functions

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Streamlined API Functions

To help streamline development for new users working with the LumenVox API, we have made some changes to the header files in LumenVox 9.0 that expose the LumenVox functions, including moving a number of old functions into a new, deprecated header file (LV_SRE_Deprecated.h).

The old functions will still be available and useable, maintaining backwards compatibility, but will be referenced in a different file. Some of these deprecated functions may eventually be sunset and support for them phased out. When compiling applications that link against the LumenVox headers, you will likely receive warnings against using these older functions.

The purpose of this separation is twofold - to avoid confusion when there are similar functions between the two sets and to encourage new customers to develop with the newer tools.

There are additional functions that exist outside of those in the core API, which can be used for advanced capabilities. Also, there are some optional, helpful utility functions.

The LumenVox API header files are:

Deprecated API Functions

Deprecated functions are referenced in the  LV_SRE_Deprecated.h header file.

We will still support these functions, but in some cases we’ve rewritten and improved upon them and have those new functions in the core API. In other cases, we want to discontinue support for them, but need to maintain it until customers have stopped using them.

Customers using the functions within the LV_SRE_Deprecated.h should expect to receive a warning against using them upon compilation:

The API function is deprecated. Use "XYZ_Replacement" instead.

Whenever possible, it is best practice to use the functions in the LV_SRE.h and LV_TTS.h set.

Advanced API Functions

In addition to the core API functions, we’ve also grouped together a set that we consider appropriate for more advanced applications. The  LV_SRE_Advanced.h file contains resources that are not commonly used, but serve specific uses.

We keep them separate from the core API to avoid accidental use by newer developers. These functions are fully supported and you should have no problems using them provided that they’re being used correctly.

Utility Helper Functions

There are several header files that are part of the API, but are not part of the SpeechPort function set. These can be considered helpful utilities that will allow you to develop additional functionality within your application. Most of the things you can accomplish with them is already handled within the SpeechPort set of functions.

These are:

  • LV_SRE_Grammar.h - Allows you to manipulate a context-free grammar object that can be used in the Engine to recognize speech
  • LV_SRE_ParseTree.h - Represents the results of a decode using a context-free grammar
  • LV_SRE_Semantic.h - The results of processing the input sentence against the matching grammar, and executing the semantic tags in the sentence's parse tree