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11 Using the Parse Tree

Using the Parse Tree #include <LV_SRE_ParseTree.h> A parse tree represents a sentence diagram of Engine output according to the SRGS grammar that was matched. Information about the tree is accessed through iterators. Navigating the parse tree in your…

12 Using visemes with TTS

As of LumenVox version 11.3, support for visemes was added to TTS1 voices. Visemes represent the facial expressions related to the pronunciation of certain phonemes. This information can be used to align visual cues to audio playback. This may be useful in…

13 Working with Grammars

When a grammar is loaded, it is compiled into a format usable by the Engine. But to use the grammar for a decode you must activate it. You may activate multiple grammars for a single decode; the results will contain which grammar was matched. Because loading…