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1 Compiling Grammars

When your speech application first begins the process of decoding audio, it sends a grammar with the audio to the Speech Engine. In order for the Engine to read the grammar, the grammar has to be compiled into a binary format that the Engine can read. It…

2 Grammar Cache Folders

ASR performance relies heavily on caching compiled grammars. Since this can be a CPU intensive process, caching these grammars, both in memory and also on disk is an important aspect of getting optimal performance. By default, the caching mechanism is enabled,…

3 Using Precompiled Grammars

With the introduction of LumenVox Version 11.0, a new mechanism of producing precompiled grammars was introduced. This allows users to produce binary, compiled versions of grammars. These precompiled grammars can be saved to the file system, and can be loaded…