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GVP 8.5

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Setting up Genesys to work with LumenVox is done through the Genesys Administrator web page. The LumenVox media server will interact with the Genesys Media Control Platform (MCP) service. Automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) resources are set up as "Resource Access Points" in Genesys. These access points are added as connections to the  Media Control Platform. On the LumenVox side, the LumenVox media servers handle both ASR and TTS. On the Genesys side, ASR and TTS are handled as two separate entities (Resource Access Points).

First, make sure LumenVox is installed and functioning properly using the following steps:

Before setting up Genesys to work with LumenVox, verify that Genesys Media Control Platform is functioning properly. This can be done by testing with a vxml application that does not use speech recognition or text-to-speech. If needed, use the following SimpleTest vxml app from LumenVox:

Either set up the Genesys system to use this link directly, or download the attachment at the bottom of this page and install on your voice applications web server.

Once you have configured your system to use this VXML application, call into it and you should be able to hear the audio file play a simple congratulations message. Once you can successfully do this, you can move on to configuring your ASR and TTS resources as described in the articles below.
This test can also be used later to test TTS and ASR functionality by pressing DTMF one or two during the congratulations message.

After installing and running the LumenVox self-tests. And testing Genesys with a simple VXML app with no ASR or TTS, setup Genesys using the following links.

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