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GVP 8.5 ASR Setup

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Create Application Template

First, you need to create a new Application Template. In the Genesys Administration web page, go to the Provisioning Tab. Under Environment on the left hand side navigation, open Application Templates.

  • Click the New button to create a new Application Template.

  • Give the Template a name.  
  • Choose Resource Access Point as the Type.
  • Click the Import Metadata button.

  • Click the Add button on the popup dialog
  • Choose the Lumenvox_Genesys85_MRCPv2_ASR_template.xml file downloaded from LumenVox
    (this file is contained in the attachment on the bottom of this knowledge base article)

  • Back at the template screen, move to the Options tab.
  • Click the Choose file button.

  • Click Add
  • Choose the Lumenvox_Genesys85_MRCPv2_ASR_config.xml file downloaded from LumenVox 


The file Lumenvox_Genesys85_MRCPv2_ASR_config.xml is contained in the attachment on the bottom of this knowledge base article.

  • This should fill in a list of configuration options (as shown)
  • Click Save & Close

Create ASR MRCP Application

  • Go to Applications on the left hand Navigation.
  • On the right hand Tasks list, click Create New Application

  • Click Browse For Template

  • Find the Application Template created in the previous section
  • Highlight it and click Ok.

  • Click Next

  • Click Next again (this page requires no action)

  • Give the application a meaningful name
  • Pick a host from the list of hosts setup in your environment


The host you choose is not used for anything, if desired, you can add a host corresponding to the server you have installed LumenVox on, but it is not necessary.

  • Click Next again (this page requires no action)

  • The new application will automatically open to the Options tab.


In some cases you may see "Load Failed" in the options, in this case just change the View from Mandatory Options to Advanced View (Options).

  • Edit the option Speech Resource URI
The value depends on where and how you have installed LumenVox.  The string looks like this:


So, if you have installed LumenVox on a server with the IP address with default settings for the MRCPv1 port, the string would be:


The host can be a DNS name as well, example


  • Next, go to the Configuration tab
  • Open up the Server Info section
  • Click on the Add button in the Listening Ports

  • Set the port to 9999


Port 9999 is an arbitrarily chosen number.  This value is not used for anything in this case, but it is required by the Genesys Administrator interface to be filled out.

  • Save and Close the Application.

Adding MRCP resource access application to the Media Control Platform

In order for Genesys to use the new MRCP connection, you need to add it to the Media Control Platform (MCP) connections.

  • Find your Media Control Platform (MCP) application, and open it for editing
  • In the Connections section, click Add

  • Find the MRCP application created in the previous section and choose it.
  • Click the newly added application in the list
  • Click Edit


If you click on the text of the application name in the list, it may open up that application in a popup windows for editing.  If this happens, just close that window.  You just want the line highlighted as shown below, before pressing Edit.

  • Change to the Advanced tab
  • In the Application Parameters, enter  Provisiontype=primary
  • Click Ok

  • Save & Close the MCP application
  • You will need to restart the MCP application before the changes will fully take effect


To test speech recognition functionality, you can use the SimpleTest vxml app supplied by Lumenvox.  This test requires that TTS has also already been set up.

  • Setup the SimpleText.vxml in your environment (if you have not already done so)
  • Call into the app and listen to the beginning of the first pre-recorded prompt
    • If when first calling into the app, you don't hear anything, you have a connectivity problem unrelated to Lumenvox software.  You should fix that before troubleshooting Lumenvox ASR.
  • After hearing part or all of the initial prompt press 2.  
  • You will be asked to say your favorite day of the week.
  • If you hear this repeated back to you, you have successfully set up Lumenvox ASR and TTS to work with Genesys 8.5.

Lumenvox_Genesys85_MRCPv2_ASR_options.xml 875 b Download File
Lumenvox_Genesys85_MRCPv2_ASR_template.xml 16.2 Kb Download File