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How Much Space Do I Need?

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One question that comes up frequently is how much disk space do I need to Install LumenVox. The answer is… it depends.

Linux vs. Windows

Regardless of whether you are installing on Windows or Linux Operating Systems, the disk space required is pretty much the same.

Basic Installation and Languages

The basic installation (ASR, TTS, Media Server) takes up about 1-2 GB, so not much. However, as you add support for more ASR languages and TTS voices, those requirements go up (about 200 MB per ASR language or TTS voice).

Ideally, you do not need to (nor should you) install additional ASR languages or TTS voices if you're not going to use them. Not only does this take up a lot of disk space, but it also uses CPU and memory resources unnecessarily. LumenVox code is generally very good at managing these resources, but anywhere you can save even a little bit can make a difference to the overall smooth operation of the system.

Event Logs

Then, there is also space needed for logging, both text logs and tuning “response” files. Text logs generally represent another few hundred megs if they grow to maximum size, though this is configurable. The response files for tuning contain audio and so can take up a lot more space on disk; how quickly and how much depends on how many calls a customer is handling and how aggressive they are about cleaning up or archiving those files.

Of course you can configure your logging to keep many days of historical data, and choose never to clean up an of these files, which will eventually use up all available disk space, so some thought it probably needed as to how much logging you need, and whether you need to enable "extended" logging (keeping log files organized by date). If all else fails, the logs.conf configuration allows you to specify a minimum amount of available disk space before logging is suspended.

Our Recommendation

Our general recommendation if I know nothing else would be to allocate about 5-10 GB for a LumenVox installation. That’s probably being overly cautious, but disk space is relatively cheap and having extra room to grow into more languages and be assured of plenty of space for tuning files seems like a good idea.