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ASR Phoneme Tables

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Symbolic Phonetic Representation

Symbolic Phonetic Representation is a method of expressing the phonetic symbols which are supported in the LumenVox ASR recognizer. There are different ways of expressing each phonetic symbol depending on the chosen alphabet.

The phoneme alphabet (such as AA or EH) that LumenVox implements is a modified version of the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary, which originally derived from Arpabet. Note that the specific alphabet used is specific to LumenVox, so care should be exercised when using CMU or ARPAbet from non-LumenVox sources.

The SAMPA representations shown alongside the LumenVox phonemes indicate the mapping used internally when working with SAMPA conversions, such as when writing or using custom lexicons to aid in the pronunciation of certain words or phrases. Note that this mapping and the phonemes used are specific to LumenVox, so care should be used when utilizing SAMPA or CMU phonemes from non-LumenVox sources.

Please refer to the following tables for appropriate phonetic representations based on the ASR language required