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Using LumenVox with Syntellect Communications Platform

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LumenVox's speech recognition software is compatible with the Syntellect Communications Platform and has been tested with version 7.2.

Before you point SCP to the LumenVox Speech Engine, you you should have already installed, licensed and tested your LumenVox SRE Server, Media Server and License Server (if applicable). This documentation assumes you have some familiarity with the SCP administration interface.

  1. Start the Syntellect Console Engine:
    1. In the Syntellect Console, right-click on your server and select Start CP Engine. Once done, you should see several new tree nodes in the ECS View.
  2. Configure the LumenVox ASR:
    1. Expand Engine Settings > Speech > Interface Configurations > ASR Direct APIs and select MRCP_ASR. This will provide you the interface to configure your ASR settings.
    2. MRCPv2 server address = IP address of the machine running the LumenVox Media Server. (Note that you can specify the server's port by adding it after a colon at the end of the IP address, such as
    3. MRCPv2 server vendor = LumenVox
    4. The next 4 parameters can be left at their defaults.
    5. Right click on your server and select Restart CP Engine.
  3. Start the Channel:
    1. Select Channels from the ECS View tree, then right-click on the ASR MRCP Words channel box to the right. Select Channel Start. This establishes the session with the Media Server.
    2. The icon in the channel box should turn green, indicating that the session has been established, with a message saying WaitCall.
    3. If the session is not established, the channel box will flash an error message, prompting you for corrective action.
      1. Make sure that you have the Media Server and Engine services running and enough licenses.
      2. You must also have the LvMediaServer.config file's mrcp_server_ip parameter set to the IP address set in step 2b above.
  4. Test the Integration:
    1. Once the system has been configured, make a call into the Syntellect system and test the ASR MRCP Words project. It should prompt you to say "North, South, East or West." After you say one of those four words, the platform should confirm your spoken selection back to you.

If you are able to complete step 4 above, then you've confirmed basic communication between the Syntellect platform and the LumenVox Speech Engine.