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Licensing the Tuner

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Speech Tuner Licensing

In order to start the Tuner, you will need to have a "Speech Tuner" license available in your listed License Server(s).

Speech Tuner licenses are sold on an annual subscription basis, and as such need to be renewed each year in order to continue using the Speech Tuner product. Fortunately, your LumenVox sales associate will be happy to assist you when that need arises.

You can view your Speech Tuner license expiration date by looking at the licensing page of the Dashboard utility.

ASR Licenses (previously called SRE Licenses)

The LumenVox Speech Tuner uses normal Speech Engine licenses to run. For full functionality, it requires two licenses: one for the Grammar Editor and one for the Tester. The Tuner can be run without these licenses, but functionality will be reduced and it is not recommended to run in this state.

By default, the Speech Tuner will look to the local machine (IP address for its licenses. You can change this by editing the client_property.conf file located in the Tuner installation directory, which defaults to C:\Program Files\Lumenvox\Speech Tuner\.

To make this change, simply open the client_property.conf file and edit the LICENSE_SERVERS field with the IP address of your License Server.

Please note that the client_property.conf file specified above is unique to the Speech Tuner, so changes to that file would not affect API users or Media Server users on the same system. This means that you could set up the Speech Tuner to use a different license server than the other LumenVox products installed on the same Windows machine.

TTS License

The Speech Tuner also has an SSML editor which can be used to develop, modify and test SSML documents used for TTS synthesis.

When performing these synthesis operations, a license of the appropriate type (TTS Voice / Language) will be used, as determined by the language and voice specified within the SSML document, or the currently active default settings if none are specified.

Running Multiple Decode Threads

One of the configuration options added in LumenVox version 12.2.100 was the ability to utilize multiple decode threads when running tests with the Speech Tuner. This option will use the specified number of ASR licenses as determined by the type of grammar being used.