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Upgrading the Tuner

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LumenVox releases regular updates to its products, which you are able to use according to your license maintenance. Speech Tuner licenses are sold on an annual basis, which means you will need to renew them each year in order to continue using the software.  A valid Speech Tuner license entitles you to run the latest version of the Speech Tuner, however you should take into consideration the version of ASR, TTS and CPA that you intend to use in production, since you should keep these in sync in order to avoid any version dependent issues.

You may contact LumenVox Sales for more information about maintenance contracts.

You can always download the latest software that you have access to by logging into your account at and clicking "Your Software Downloads.", but again, please ensure that your licenses allow you to run the latest versions. We encourage all of our users to keep their license maintenance up to date to allow this.

The Release Notes for a product document the changes in each version. Our recommendation is that you keep your product versions in sync; thus if you upgrade your Engine, you should also upgrade your License Server and Tuner.

When you upgrade your Tuner, you should also upgrade the Speech Engine. Uninstall the old versions of any LumenVox software using the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel. First uninstall the Tuner, and then uninstall the License Server (and any optional components such as the MRCP Server) and finally uninstall the Engine.

Once the Engine has been uninstalled, reboot your machine and run the install for the latest version of the Engine, restart the machine, and then install the Tuner and any additional components. You do not need to restart after installing these additional components.