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Using LumenVox with VoiceGenie 7

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The LumenVox ASR is compatible with the VoiceGenie VoiceXML Platform version 7, via the LumenVox Media Server's MRCPv1 services.

These instructions assume that you've already had the VoiceGenie platform working with another ASR, and are replacing it with the LumenVox solution. You should already have installed, licensed and tested the LumenVox Speech Engine before beginning this implementation.

VoiceGenie is designed to be as plug-and-play as possible. As such, configuring it to point to the LumenVox ASR is quite easy:

  1. Connect to the System Management Console (SMC).
  2. In the Configuration tab, under Media Platform, select the Speech Resources page.
  3. Create a new Speech Resource entry as follows:
    1. Speech Resource Name: LUMENVOX
    2. Hostname/IP: IP address and port of the LumenVox ASR
    3. Resource URI: rtsp://<IP Address from above>/recognizer
    4. Resource Type: ASR (from dropdown)
    5. Parameter Name: Value: (see below)
      1. vrm.client.UniqueGramID = TRUE
      2. vrm.client.NoDuplicatedGramURI = TRUE
      3. vrm.client.SendGrammarContent = TRUE
      4. vrm.client.SkipPromptDone = TRUE
      5. vrm.client.DefineGrammarSerial = TRUE
      6. = 60000
      7. vrm.client.HotKeyBasePath = /vggrammarbase/lumenvox/hotkey
      8. vrm.client.HotKeyLocalPath = C:\VoiceGenie\mp\grammar\lumenvox\hotkey
    6. Click the Target as Primary button when prompted
  4. You should now be able to provision an IVR and begin testing

VoiceGenie offers the ability to use a single RTSP (TCP) connection for multiple TTS sessions. However, this capability is not supported by the LumenVox Media Server. We require one TCP connection per session.

To ensure that your VoiceGenie platform is not configured to share a RTSP connection:

  1. Connect to the System Management Console (SMC).
  2. Go to the Speech Resource Manager.
  3. Go to the SRM Server submenu.
  4. Set the vrmserver.rtsptts.sharetcpsocket parameter to FALSE.