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GVP 7.6

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The Lumenvox Speech Recognition Engine works with the Genesys Voice Platform version 7.6. This has been confirmed by LumenVox and by additional user testing.

In order to begin this integration, you should already have a working Genesys Voice Platform, tested and ready for the installation of an ASR resource. You should also have installed, licensed and tested your LumenVox Speech Engine, Media Server and License Server (if applicable).

This integration is done via MRCPv1, which is now supported through the LumenVox Media Server The process for setting up the LumenVox Media Server to work with Genesys 7.6 is as follows:

  1. Log into the Voice Platform's EMPS as Administrator. GVP comes with sample configurations for ASR resources. We will use a copy of one of those to build ours.
  2. Expand Servers > MRCP ASR Server, right-click on SampleASRServer and Create a Copy. Click the Copy button in the lower right corner, selecting the Copy Subtree checkbox, and name it LumenVox in the To Node field.
  3. Right-click on the Server Groups node and select Add New Group.
    1. Select MRCPASR from the dropdown, naming it ASR_Engine_LumenVox
    2. After you have added the new group, select LumenVox from Available MRCPASR servers and move it to Selection.
  4. Expand the LumenVox node under MRCP ASR Server, and edit the ASRInfo:
    1. The first four parameters can be left at their defaults.
    2. MRCP ASR Server URL = rtsp://<ip address>:554/recognizer
    3. Click Save.
  5. Expand the Servers > IP Communication Server > System Name > MCU > ASR node and set its parameter to MRCP.
    1. If prompted, do not restart the Watchdog.
  6. Edit that ASR node's MRCP subnode so that the ASR_Engine_LumenVox (created in step #3 above) is moved to Selection for the Primary and Backup MRCP ASR Server Groups.
  7. Restart the Watchdog.
  8. Provision an IVR to use the newly added LumenVox ASR.
  9. You should now be able to test the implementaton.