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Downloading LumenVox Products

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If you are using Linux, our recommendation for both downloading and installation is to use yum to manage the process for you. See Linux Installation for more information.

To download the files manually (required on Windows and optional on Linux):

  1. Navigate to and go to the folder for your Operating System. On Windows, you will also want to select the Current directory for the latest release.
  2. Download the appropriate software. At a minimum, you will generally want the appropriate Engine and License Server packages for your operating system. (On Linux systems, you will also generally want the client and core packages and the mediaserver package if you are using MRCP). TTS users will also need the TTS server package and at least one TTS voice. More details are provided on the installation page for your operating system.
  3. You may also need to download any extra ASR languages or TTS voices. Please contact LumenVox support if you have any questions about which packages you need for your configuration.

Once you have downloaded your files, proceed on to Windows Installation or Linux Installation.