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ASR DNN Engine

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LumenVox DNN ASR Engine

For 20 years, LumenVox has continued to evolve our ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) technology, which has been built using successive generations of HMM (Hidden Markov Models) based acoustic models. Beginning in 2021, LumenVox made the dual decision to upgrade our core ASR technology to make use of DNN (Deep Neural Networks), and to move to a modern container based microservice approach to software deployment. The shift was done because cutting edge DNN acoustic models allow extremely accurate general transcription. Additionally, it also makes traditional grammar-based recognition more accurate than LumenVox’s legacy ASR engine, opening use cases such as general open-ended alpha-numeric string recognition. 

Our new DNN ASR engine can handle multiple dialects within a single acoustic model, as well as eliminate the need for manual phonetic spelling and custom lexicons, thus allowing such disparate use cases as IVRs (Interactive Voice Response), natural language understanding, chatbots, general transcription and more to be handled by a single ASR engine.

LumenVox’s cloud-native container-based architecture makes use of Kubernetes, which allows for much more scalable, fault tolerant and secure deployments in public clouds, private clouds and on-premise. Additionally, this also brings LumenVox’s various technologies (ASR, TTS, Voice Biometrics and Call Progress Analysis) into a single seamless architecture and API, resulting in a modern, scalable, and streamlined approach to expanding language support, while delivering benchmarked best in class accuracy and scalability.

LumenVox provides technology that helps companies speech-enable their applications to communicate more effectively with customers, reduce operating costs, and improve employee productivity. Our portfolio of software products is designed to be easily implemented and managed. Unlike our competitors, LumenVox does not sell “solutions” that require extensive -- and expensive -- professional service resources to install, update, and manage.

To find out more about what LumenVox and ASR can do for your business, click here to speak with an expert. 

Why did LumenVox not support DNN with it's classic service based software, and what is behind the decision to remove version 19.3? 

Since the development of our DNN ASR engine went together with our move to a container-based architecture, we decided to not backport the new DNN ASR engine to our Classic deployment architecture. Instead, we released an initial version of our classic software (version 19.3) that made use of DNN acoustic models. However, the work of continuing to maintain the changes needed to run the DNN engine outside of the new container-based architecture was not tenable. Therefore, we pulled version 19.3 from general availability. What is important to note is that a vast majority of the benefits in accuracy, performance, scalability, security, self-healing, and fault-tolerance, disappear when inserting the new engine into the legacy software. 

Lumenvox will continue releasing bug and critical fixes for the service-based architecture, but major feature updates and new languages will only be released within the new cloud-native container-based architecture. Version 19.3.200 can be obtained by contacting Lumenvox directly. Be aware, this version is not recommended for general production, as no further releases will be made to version 19.3.X related to DNN ASR.