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Introduced in the 12.0 version of LumenVox, a new configuration file allows users to configure the way that log files are generated and managed.

The following settings can be controlled via the logs.conf file, located in the config directory of the Windows LumenVox installation folder. By default, this location is C:\Program Files\Lumenvox\Engine\config\.

In Linux, edit the logs.conf file in /etc/lumenvox/.


This section contains global configuration settings for LumenVox log settings

Added in 12.0.100


Description: This value defines the maximum size after which a log file will be backed up (if enabled) and a new log file started.

Possible Values: A minimum size of 1000000 (1 MB) is imposed on this setting, attempting to select a value lower than this will result in 1 MB being used. There is no defined maximum value for this setting.

Default: 30000000 (30 MB)

Added in 12.0.100


Description: This is the number of backup files that are rotated through once a log file passes MAX_LOG_FILE_SIZE. Backup files will be named after the associated log file, with a numeric suffix and .backup, for example the first backup file for media_server_app.txt will be media_server_app.0.backup

Possible Values: 0 - 50

Default: 1

Added in 12.0.100


Description: When this option is enabled (1) log files will be created in a directory tree containing the date, allowing separation of logs based on the date they are associated with.

Possible values:

  • 0 (expanded path disabled)
  • 1 (expanded path enabled)

Default: 0

Added in 12.0.100


Description: Minimum free disk space (MB) required before logs are written out to disk.

Possible values: >=0

Note: Introduced in version 12.2.100 was the option of setting this to a value of 0 to disable this minimum disk space checking altogether

Default: 100