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MRCP Request Messages

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An MRCP request message consists of a Request line followed by the message header section and an optional message body containing data specific to the request message.

The request message from a client to the server includes within the first line the method to be applied, a method tag for that request and the version of the protocol in use.

request-line       = mrcp-version SP message-length SP method-name
                     SP request-id CRLF

The mrcp-version field specifies the MRCP protocol version that is being used by the client:

mrcp-version       = "MRCP" "/" 1*DIGIT "." 1*DIGIT

MRCP Versions supported by the LumenVox Media Server are: MRCP/1.0 and MRCP/2.0

The message-length field describes the length of the message (in bytes), including the start-line:

message-length     = 1*19DIGIT

The request-id field is a unique identifier associated with each request. Clients should assign incremental numbers to each unique request, and the Media Server will use this request-id when responding to requests.

request-id         = 1*10DIGIT

Generic Request Messages

There are two generic request messages defined by MRCP, which are used for reading and writing the state associated with a resource.

method-name        = generic-method
generic-method     = "SET-PARAMS"
                   / "GET-PARAMS"

Recognizer Request Messages

The following request methods are associated with the recognizer resource:

method-name        = recognizer-method
recognizer-method  = "DEFINE-GRAMMAR"
                   / "RECOGNIZE"
                   / "INTERPRET"
                   / "GET-RESULT"
                   / "START-INPUT-TIMERS"
                   / "STOP"

Synthesizer Request Messages

The following request methods are associated with the synthesizer resource:

method-name        = synthesizer-method
synthesizer-method = "SPEAK"
                   / "STOP"
                   / "PAUSE"
                   / "RESUME"
                   / "BARGE-IN-OCCURRED"
                   / "CONTROL"
                   / "DEFINE-LEXICON"