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This file controls settings related to the TTS Server.

It is located by default in /etc/lumenvox/ on Linux and in C:\Program Files\LumenVox\TTS\config on Windows. See Configuration Files for more information about other configuration files. 

The following parameters can be set. The format to use within the configuration file is PROPERTY_NAME = VALUE


This section contains global configuration settings for the TTS server.


Description: Contains information about the version of the software that created the configuration file. Do not modify this.

Possible Values: This should not be modified by users.


 Description: The port number that the tts server will use to listen for connecting tts clients

Possible Values: A valid port number.

 Default Value: 7579


 Description: Controls how processing of a synthesis request must proceed when any <audio> or <lexicon> element containing reference to an invalid path is encountered in the input SSML.

Possible Values: IGNORE or FAIL

  • IGNORE = invalid references are ignored and the server continues to synthesize the audio
  • FAIL = invalid references cause the synthesis to fail and return an error producing no audio

 Default Value: IGNORE


Description: The number of concurrent TTS tasks the server can process. When all threads are busy processing requests, any additional tasks get queued up. Throughput can be improved with an increase in the value of this property. Beyond a certain threshold, you may not see any further improvement in throughput and the threshold depends on the characteristics of the machine. Do not set to a high value on a low resource machine.

Possible Values: A positive non-zero integer.

Default Value: 1


Description: Controls the verbosity of event logging. This can be used to increase or decrease the amount of information logged by the application. Note that increasing the logging verbosity causes increase in CPU usage, and should therefore be avoided wherever possible in a production environment where optimal performance is critical.

Possible Values: 1 - 3

  • 1 = Minimal logging. Logs only errors and critical issues.
  • 2 = Medium logging. Logs all non-debug inofrmation, includes types covered in Minimal logging as well.
  • 3 = Maximum logging. Logs all types of events. This will include any and all informational and debugging activity.

Default Value: 1

Added in 16.0.100


Description: An optional list of comma-delimited user-defined TTS names mapped to LumenVox TTS voice names. This allows a application-specific names to be matched to installed LumenVox names, which may be different.

Possible Values: For example, to select the LumenVox name Chris whenever Joe is used and Jackie whenever Mary is used, specify 'Joe=Chris,Mary=Jackie'.

Default Value: