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Deprecated - Getting Help with Asterisk

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Deprecated Content

This page refers to outdated, obsolete, or deprecated products or software. This is provided for historical reference for users of older releases.

LumenVox is relatively easy to install and setup, and thousands of Asterisk usershave it running succesfully on a variety of platforms. But given the nature of any complex software,there's always the possibility that you will run into an issue.

Your best option for help is a LumenVox support contract. Contracts are reasonably pricedand support time can be used not just for installation questions, but also for configuration,grammar questions, help working with the Asterisk speech API, etc. Please call +1-858-707-7700 andsay "Support" for more information.

This is especially true if you are using a prebuilt version of Asterisk such as trixbox or elastixor if you are trying to work with a front-end like FreePBX. We simply cannot document all of theseproducts, but we can help you get them configured with our technical support.

LumenVox does not provide any free support by phone or e-mail. If the problem you areencountering is a bug in LumenVox software, we will not deduct any support time from your account.Because the vast majority of opened issues are not LumenVox bugs, we do require a support contractbefore we begin any troubleshooting.

Let LumenVox Handle It

A surefire way to get everything installed and working quickly is our Quick Start package. With this package, we can remotely install and configure your LumenVox/Asterisk system.

The package even includes some technical support time that can be used after the installation toanswer any questions you have once you start building Asterisk speech applications.

Another great option is to take one of our training courses.We offer a course specifically for Asterisk users that covers not just installation and configuration butapplication development, best practices, etc. A course like this will give you the knowledge toget started quickly, saving you time and money.

Other Resources

If you're not interested in any of the above options, LumenVox makes a lot of resources available completelyfree. For instance, our free training videos cover a lotof material that is of interest to new users.

For a community support system, we recommend the asterisk-speech-rec mailing list. It is a low-volume list that is watched by some very knowledgable users.

Also, please be sure you've checked all of our documentation. In addition to this help file, we have the fullSpeech Engine Help File that coversour product in significantly more detail.

Final Suggestions

If you think you have found a bug, have you read through our Current Issues pageand tried the suggestions there?

If you are getting an errors about Missing Dependency: then be sure you haveread the "Libjs Problems on Red Hat ES or CentOS" section of our InstallationInstructions.

If you are getting an error that includes a message about Cannot restore segment prot after relocthis is likely caused by SE Linux. The easiest solution is to disable SE Linux; the better solution is to configurean exception in SE Linux to allow LumenVox to load its libraries. However, as SE Linux is a third-party application,documenting it is beyond the scope of this guide. We're happy to help you configure it with a support contract.

Versions of LumenVox before 10.0 do not support 64-bit operating systems. As of the latest revision of this document(May 2010), LumenVox 10.0 is scheduled for release a little later this year.