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MRCPv1 Server Parameters

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The following server options are controlled via the mrcp.config file, located in the config directory of the MRCPv1 installation folder. By default, this location is C:\Program Files\Lumenvox\MRCPServer\config\

See Configuring Parameters for more information about changing various MRCPv1 parameters.


This parameter enables or disables MRCP logging. Possible values are either 0 (no logging) or 1 (logging enabled).

Default: 0


This parameter may be used to specify a custom logfile name for the MRCP Server log. The logfile is created in the directory where the MRCP server is started. This is usually the bin folder under the Engine installation directory.

Default: MRCP_Log.txt


The IP address of the machine running the MRCP server. This must be set.



This TCP port on which the server will listen for incoming RTSP requests.

Default: 554


The lowest numbered UDP port that will be used for RTP and RTCP. Two sequentially numbered ports will be used per resource, one for RTP and the next for RTCP. This parameter must be an even number.

Default: 49638


The maximum number of concurrent connections. It cannot be more than the number of resources available. There needs to be at least one resource per connection.

Default: 100


The maximum number of concurrent resources. Practically speaking, this number cannot be greater than the number of port licenses you have for the Speech Engine.

Default: 100


The IP address of the machine running the Speech Engine. You may specify multiple speech servers by providing multiple IP addresses separated by semicolons.



MRCP sessions timeout after a period of inactivity. This parameter specifies the length of that period, in milliseconds. During a session, if no further requests are received for the time specified in this parameter, the session will timeout.

Default: 20000ms


The LumenVox Speech Engine can save response files (files with the extension .callsre) that contain data about each interaction, including recognition results and audio. This parameter, which can be set to 0 (off) or 1 (on), determines whether those files are created.

Default : 0


A string that will be used to identify the recognizer resource when the MRCP client begins a session. For example, by default a client would ask for the URI rtsp:// in order to get the resource, as the resource_string defaults to recognizer. If you change this, you must ensure that your client is using the same identifier.

Default: recognizer