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Events are added to call log files (special logs generated by the client which contain information for each synthesis and a host of other information). The call log files are generated in the responses folder located in the installation directory, under the Lang directory. Any number of events may be added. You can add your own custom events using this method if needed - these can be used within the Speech Tuner for filtering or searching purposes.

Call logging needs to be enabled prior to calling this function. Call logging can be enabled via SetPropertyEx or in the client_property.conf file.

Note that this is an optional advanced function and would not be used in most cases. The only time this would be used is whenever there is a specific need to add custom logging entries for some reason.


  • LV_TTS_RETURN_CODE AddEvent(const char* event_name)



Any non-NULL, non-zero length string.

Return Values


No errors; adding the event succeeded.


The TTS client handle is invalid (either Initialize has not been called or Destroy has already been called).


The input event_name is not valid.


An exception occurred while processing the request.