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LVParseTree C++ API Summary

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An LVParseTree object represents the results of a decode using a context free grammar.

Use <LVSpeechPort.h> or <LV_SRE_ParseTree.h>

See Also Using the Parse Tree Tutorial

Function Return Type Description
LVParseTree(void)   Constructs an LVParseTree object.
LVParseTree(const LVParseTree& other)   Copy constructor
operator=(const LVParseTree& other) LVParseTree Assignment operator
~LVParseTree(void)   Destroys the LVParseTree object
Root (void) LVParseTree::Node Provides access to the parent node in the parse tree.
Begin (void) LVParseTree::Iterator Provides an iterator that walks each node in the tree in a top-to-bottom, left-to-right fashion
End (void) LVParseTree::Iterator Marks the end of traversal for the parse tree iterator
TerminalsBegin (void) LVParseTree::TerminalIterator Traverses the terminals of the parse tree (words).
TerminalsEnd (void) LVParseTree::TerminalIterator Marks the end of traversal for the TerminalIterator.
TagsBegin (void) LVParseTree::TagIterator Traverses the tags in the parse tree (semantic data).
TagsEnd (void) LVParseTree::TagIterator Marks the end of traversal for the TagIterator.
TagFormat (void) const char* Returns the tag format, as described by the grammar that this tree matched (e.g. "lumenvox /1.0" or "semantics/1.0")
NumberOfTagsInHeader (void) int Returns the number of tags (semantic data) that were defined in the matching   grammar's header.
HeaderTag (int N) const char* Returns the Nth header tag from the matching grammar.
GrammarLabel (void) const char* Returns the name of the grammar as it was provided to the speech port.
Mode (void) const char* "voice" or "dtmf"
Language   (void) const char* Returns the language of the matching grammar (e.g. "en-US" or   "es-MX")