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Linux Directory Structure

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Starting with version 8.5, LumenVox installs files into a number of different locations(older versions of the software installed everything into /opt/lumenvox/).

The following information details the directories we create or install files into:

  • /etc/lumenvox/ contains configuration files and other non-executable files of the LumenVox software. A file called lumenvox_settings.conf in this directory controls where the applications will place logs, look for acoustic models, etc. By default, the /etc/lumenvox/Lang/ directory contains grammars and the acoustic models that determine which languages the Engine will use when performing decodes.
  • /usr/bin/ contains the actual binary files for the Speech Engine and License Server.
  • /usr/include/ contains include files needed by the Engine client.
  • /usr/lib/ or /usr/lib64/ contains library files used across the LumenVox applications.
  • /usr/share/docs/lumenvox/ is the top-level folder for documentation. It also includes the example client source code.
  • /usr/share/lumenvox/client/ contains support files for the LumenVox client software
  • /var/logs/lumenvox/ is where the applications place logs by default. The directory is created by the Core package.
  • /var/lumenvox/responses/ is where the application place the Response (.callsre) files by default.
  • /var/lumenvox/grammar_cache/ is where the ASR caches grammars to disk, when enabled.
  • /var/lumenvox/cached_client_grammars/ is where client-side grammars are cached to disk, when enabled.
  • /etc/init.d contains the system startup scripts for all the LumenVox daemons