LumenVox Support Services


LumenVox offers different levels of
technical support depending on customer needs.

LumenVox technical support, along with our comprehensive training, is something every speech recognition developer should have. Keeping with LumenVox's general policy of being the most affordable provider of speech recognition software, our support time is reasonably priced. A small of investment of money can save you countless hours — and since your time is money, you will realize a return on that investment quite quickly.

By purchasing technical support, you are purchasing access to some of the world's speech recognition experts. We know our software better than anyone, and we can share countless tips, tricks, and best practices that will save you time and money. If you are looking to get started building world class speech applications as quickly as possible, then LumenVox technical support is a must.

Support Policies

Users may purchase support time by the hour or in a bulk annual package that includes up to 55 hours of support. LumenVox will track the time spent working on support issues and send regular Support Statements explaining how time is being used. All support time must be purchased in advance, as we are unfortunately unable to provide any customer support without a support contract in place.

Time spent working on problems arising from defects in LumenVox code is not deducted from a customer's available support time.

Annual Technical Support customers receive priority placement in our support queue. This means that when they report an issue, the members of our support team will treat the problem as high priority, addressing it as soon as possible.

Basic Support

Our basic support level covers help with general LumenVox product questions. It includes installation support, technical support of the LumenVox products, and general guidance on high-level development, voice user interface design, and grammar development. This includes help with many of the concepts involved in writing speech applications using the LumenVox software, but it does not include lower-level programming help. Thus you should not expect technical support time to include debugging of your code. At its sole discretion, LumenVox may choose to include light debugging of customer code as part of routine technical support, but will not generally be covered by basic support time.

Examples of what is covered by basic support:

  • General questions about LumenVox software and speech application design
  • Guidance on grammar design and related questions
  • Installation support
  • Best practices and recommendations

Basic LumenVox technical support does not include any advanced analysis of application code. It does not include any custom programming or feature additions to the LumenVox software. It does not include any end-user application development or direct end-user contact. LumenVox cannot support problems related to any non-LumenVox system, network or environment.

Examples of what is not covered by basic support:

  • Analysis of your code/application
  • Grammar or application development
  • Feature enhancements to LumenVox software

Advanced Support

For users who have more complex support needs, advanced technical support can be purchased at an hourly rate that varies with the complexity of the task.

Our advanced development support provides assistance with custom development, and includes assistance from LumenVox programmers in debugging customer code relating to LumenVox speech recognition. It also includes detailed design recommendation and help with other tasks directly relating to custom development such as grammar design and programming.

custom development

For users with specific feature requests or applications, LumenVox offers custom development to add new features to the LumenVox products or to develop specific applications that use LumenVox speech recognition.

LumenVox also offers a limited range of professional services relating to LumenVox speech applications. We can assist you with testing, transcribing, and tuning your LumenVox-based speech application.

Support FAQs

  • Why should I have to pay for support? I just paid for the software.

    We charge for technical support just like most other people in this industry, and we think we offer much better support than our competition. But we can't do it for free, and the cost of the license is not enough to cover our support costs. Support contracts are reasonably priced and get cheaper if you commit to a multi-hour package — and the amount of time we can save you makes it a good value in the long run. Speech recognition can be difficult to work with sometimes, and it pays dividends to spend a little bit in order to have experts on your side.

    Also, many users also get hung up on basic questions that aren't directly related to our software, e.g. problems with their hardware or software configurations. As you can imagine, if we just help everyone who writes in, we spend a lot of time troubleshooting problems that aren't related to us at all, and we feel it's fair to ask for compensation. If you're a power user who can troubleshoot all of that yourself, then you can rest assured that any time we bill you for will be to directly help your speech recognition knowledge.

  • Can't you just answer this one question?

    We cannot provide any assistance without a technical support contract. We do provide a number of free resources, however, including help documentation, and more than 50 free online training videos.

    If you're an Asterisk user, you may use the free asterisk-speech-rec mailing list to submit questions to the community at:

  • Why should I have to pay for you to fix your broken software?

    You don't. We do not bill any time we spend working on problems related to bugs in our code.

  • Does that mean if I buy a contract and it's a bug, you'll refund my money?

    We don't usually offer refunds on technical support contracts. However, unused hours do not expire, so if your problem turns out to be related to a bug you can save that time for more advanced questions.

  • But your software already cost me hundreds of dollars as I tried to install it, so you should repay me with free support.

    We are sorry if our software has inconvenienced you. As you're aware, though, problems and inconveniences setting up software — sometimes related to bugs, sometimes not — are a reality in our industry. We think our installation process is pretty easy, but of course sometimes things will go wrong, and as is the normal practice in the industry, we do not rebate any time you spend setting our software up. However, if you have suggestions on how we can improve the product, we are happy to forward those along to our developers.

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