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LumenVox Speech Tuner Transcriber

The LumenVox Speech Tuner is a complete maintenance tool that performs transcription and application fine-tuning. It also allows for instant parameter, grammar and version upgrade testing with any LumenVox Product. It reduces the work of your post-deployment application revisions, and allows you to bring tuning in-house for producing a cost effective speech solution.

Transcribing Audio

Transcribing speech is an excellent way to analyze how callers interact with the system.

Transcriptions are used to calculate automatic performance measurements such as in–grammar or out–of–grammar rates and recognition accuracy. Good transcripts enable the Speech Tuner to adjust the speech recognition application as needed.


Transcription Entry

The LumenVox Speech Tuner Transcriber is used to write down every word in a call. The Grammar Tester uses these transcripts in evaluating how well a Speech Engine is interpreting what users are saying.


Transcription Log

The Transcription Log allows detailed viewing of all transcripts during a transcription session. The Transcription Log tracks Interaction number, name and transcription description.

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We are confident that you will find even more features and resulting benefits from using our Speech Tuner. If you have any questions on these, or other desired capabilities, just contact us via the form below. We’d be happy to help!

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