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LumenVox Delivers the Highest Performing

Most Accurate Speech-enabled Experiences

LumenVox ASR Features

LumenVox makes it easy for to build speech-enabled applications with our ASR engine at the center of your solution. By utilizing LumenVox, companies can accelerate their time to market, improve recognition, rapidly deploy speech applications, and experience continuous optimization through AI and machine learning.


Highly scalable

With its end-to-end DNN architecture, LumenVox’s single language model can support multiple dialects that serve a more diverse base of users with equal or better accuracy (Word Error Rate) than other ASR engines. It is now easier and faster to support languages because there is no need for dialect-specific lexicons.

Extensive language support

The power of the new AI-driven ASR engine removes the need for phonetic lexicon training for languages. It only requires transcribed audio, which speeds up the process of adding new languages or additional dialects. LumenVox customers can now easily extend and adapt language models for unique applications without having to manage phonetic spellings and lexicons. 

Flexible licensing options

Flex licensing capability means that customers can accommodate a variety of monetization models with their customers (usage, subscription) through a single licensing agreement. This is unlike competitor licensing models which “locks” licensing entitlement to a single monetization framework.  

Software driven

For 20 years, the company’s focus has been on developing and delivering voice software products. Unlike our competitors, we do not sell solutions that require extensive and expensive professional services. We work with partners to ensure they can build, deploy and maintain their applications simply and easily. 

Streamlined conversion from legacy speech applications

Through the LumenVox Speech Tuner, customers can migrate over 80% of grammars and confidence values from existing applications to the LumenVox ASR.

Standards Support

Let industry standards simplify development. Our use of standardized protocols and development tools make it easy to replace your existing ASR with the LumenVox technology.

Media Server

Our media server supports MRCP v1 and v2, we are also VXML and PCI compliant.



Our grammars can be written in GrXML or ABNF, with SISR and SRGS capabilities.


Voice Activity Detection (VAD) Accurately Separates Speech from Background Noise

Whether the call is coming from a crowded restaurant or inside of a speeding car, the LumenVox ASR engine separates speech from background noise using Voice Activity Detection (VAD). Human speech has qualities that make it distinguishable from other sounds, including energy level (volume), frequency (pitch), changes in frequency and duration. VAD listens for these qualities within the incoming audio to accurately detect the actual speech.

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The LumenVox ASR engine we transcription has been road-tested against every AI-based ASR engine delivering the highest accuracy and performance in the industry. 

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