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LumenVox Audio Transcription

LumenVox introduces its NEW Audio Transcription Service designed to address a growing solutions need for businesses with transcription challenges. Whether you need to transcribe a few audio files or many long freeform voicemail messages our service quickly and accurately transcribes audio files. We transcribe audio files including lectures, interviews, podcasts, conference calls and focus groups virtually in any format.

Transcription Services

Speech Tuning

Transcribing recorded utterance files is a necessity to ensure that a system using speech recognition software is working correctly. LumenVox transcribes utterance files in many formats including LumenVox native format and raw audio.

Free Form Audio

Many IVR and speech systems allow callers to record freeform messages outside of normal directed dialog. Agents are typically responsible for transcribing these longer audio files. LumenVox can transcribe these files faster and more cost effectively than agents. Upload audio to us, we return the text.

Speech Analytics

Many companies record call center transactions for data mining, security and quality control purposes. Send recorded calls to LumenVox for transcription and we'll return large text databases ready for analytics mining.

Acoustic Model Development

For LumenVox Speech Engine users we offer customized acoustic models that give higher accuracy for specific languages and domains. The first step to creating these models is transcription of large numbers of audio files. If you are currently using speech recognition and would like to improve the accuracy, talk to us about customized acoustic models. We will work with you to collect and transcribe audio, create a custom model, and deliver significant accuracy improvement.

Key Features

  • Sending audio files is easy and convenient by using our web service API to enable integration with existing systems, manually upload through a normal web page, or even use FTP/SFTP to upload in bulk
  • We accept audio formats including U-Law/A-Law, MP3, PCM, .wav and many more
  • If you are using the LumenVox Speech Engine in conjunction with your transcription just send us the .callsre log file generated by the Engine which can be transcribed without extracting audio
  • If you are working with the LumenVox Speech Tuner, use the "Send to LumenVox" feature for quick file upload
  • Speech Tuner database files can be returned as transcribed databases. Load the database in the Tuner and immediately begin tuning and generating accuracy statistics.

LumenVox offers turnaround times, accuracy commitments, and cost-effective transcribing to meet your business needs. Contact a LumenVox sales representative today for more information.

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