Application Tuning

Application Tuning Training

This half day course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully test, transcribe, and tune any speech recognition solution based on LumenVox's Speech Recognition Engine. This course is intended for software developers familiar with speech recognition software and telephony applications. Add-on training classes are provided for more in-depth training on the Speech Tuner.

Class Information

Class Length: Half day Location: San Diego, CA
or via live Webinar
Pricing: $1,000


Please have the LumenVox Speech Recognizer and Speech Tuner installed and running. If you need help, please contact us.


Contact a LumenVox sales representative or
call 1-877-977-0707 to sign up for a class or for further information.


  1. Introduction to the Speech Tuner
  2. Best practices in tuning and the importance of tuning speech applications
    1. Creating a repeatable process
    2. Example of Tuned Vs. Untuned application
  3. Multi-ASR tuning
  4. Tuning vs. Transcribing
    1. Using the Transcriber
  5. The Grammar Editor
    1. Overview
    2. Grammar Evaluation
    3. Performance Rate
    4. Paramater Evaluation
  6. Filters and Queries
  7. Call Browser
    1. Calls List
    2. Interactions List
    3. Audio Controls
  8. A note about the Tuner Database

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