Media Server Integration

Media Server Integration Training

Our Media Server Integration training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully design and create custom voice application solutions with LumenVox Speech Resources. This full day course is intended for Voice Application Developers familiar with SRGS, SISR, VXML and the principles behind voice applications on established telephony platforms.

Class Information

Class Length: Full day Location: San Diego, CA
or via live Webinar
Pricing: $2,000


Please have the LumenVox Speech Recognizer, Media Server, License Server and Speech Tuner installed and running. If you need help, please contact us.


Contact a LumenVox sales representative or
call 1-877-977-0707 to sign up for a class or for further information.


  1. IVR Best Practices — Always a Good Review
  2. LumenVox SRE Fine Tuning
    1. Installation of LumenVox Product suite
    2. sre_server.conf
    3. client_property.conf
    4. Where are those files?
  3. Acoustic Model Resolutions
    1. Thousands of speakers
      1. Hundreds of hours of audio
    2. Hundreds of thousands of hours of audio
    3. Previous semi a certain amount of compression
    4. Current continuous — no compression higher resolution
    5. Higher accuracy with continuous — overall gain of ?
    6. 9.5.100 all models are Continuous
    7. American English incorporates some training data from other languages to help with proper names
    8. Still always willing to take more audio to add to training set
  4. Proper Language Selection
  5. Grammar Tag Usage
  6. Custom Pronunciation
  7. Configuring the Media Server
  8. Using the Media Server Monitor
  9. Simulated Decode Using Perl
  10. Reading the Log Files
  11. TCP Dumps
  12. ASR and TTS Port Conflicts
  13. License Server
    1. License Installation
    2. License Migration
  14. Tuning Best Practices
  15. Tuner Demonstration

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