ASR Integration Training

ASR Integration Training

This full day course can be taken in one session or can be taken as two separate classes. Our ASR Integration training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully design and create custom solutions with LumenVox's Speech Recognizer (Speech Engine). This course is intended for software developers familiar with the C/C++ language, MS Visual Studio C++, and telephony applications.

Class Information

Class Length: Full day Location: San Diego, CA
or via live Webinar
Pricing: $2,000


Please have the LumenVox Speech Recognizer, License Server and Speech Tuner installed and running. If you need help, please contact us.


Contact a LumenVox sales representative or
call 1-877-977-0707 to sign up for a class or for further information.


Part 1 — Getting Started

  1. Introduction to the Speech Recognizer
  2. Overview of API Functions and Methods
  3. How to Stream Audio
  4. Introduction to Grammars
    1. Overview
    2. Differences between concept phrase pairs and SRGS grammars
    3. What does a grammar do?

Part 2 — Now for the Real Fun!

  1. Advanced Grammars
    1. SISR (Semantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition)
    2. Disambiguation
    3. Supporting multiple languages
  2. How to Collect Results
  3. Speech Recognizer Parameters
  4. Introduction to the Speech Tuner
    1. Go over the pizza grammar
    2. Dial Plan and the pizza demo
    3. AGI scripts for the pizza demo
  5. Dial Plan and Speech Recognizer Parameters
  6. Introduction to the Speech Tuner
    1. The importance of Tuning
    2. Using the Grammar Editor
    3. Evaluating Log Files
    4. Reporting
  7. Troubleshooting (Be prepared!)

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