LumenVox Design Workshops


LumenVox Design Workshop

Good software begins with good design. Our Client Services team will lead what is the initial, and perhaps the most crucial phase of development — the Design Workshop. This is the requirements gathering process where all functional and/or technical specifications are determined.

This ensures that all parties have a clear understanding of the project that is being bid, and it greatly reduces the project's risk and enables us to build top-quality software. By creating design documents based on a comprehensive design workshop, we have a true blueprint that we can follow for every other part of the project, from cost estimation and planning, through actual development, to testing and deployment.

Design Workshop Process

Phase 1: Business Requirements Document

The first phase is to provide a detailed Business Requirements Document that captures the information about your business model, the purpose of the application, and what improvements are expected from the finished product.

Phase 2: Technical Discovery

Second, we work with you on the Technical Discovery and Requirements determination, where many of the specifics are documented. These will likely contain architectural, platform, and protocol details to provide the foundation for the development.

Phase 3: Solution Document Generation

Finally, there is the Solution Document generation. Once all business and technical requirements are agreed upon, we will provide a complete blueprint for the design that illustrates what the solutions must do, and how it will be done. It will provide necessary flow charts, API documentation, interface descriptions, customer-facing portal designs, whatever is necessary for development to deliver an exemplary product.

This design workshop provides both parties a crystal clear understanding of what your needs are, what the desired application will do, and how it will do it. When you proceed to the application development, you can rest assured that the design matches the desire.

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