LumenVox Professional Services

LumenVox Professional Services

Our Professional Services Team will work side-by-side with your developers with the common goal of delivering a world class speech application.

We have the experience, skill and product knowledge necessary to ensure that your speech enabled project exceeds expectations.

You will find that whatever your needs are in speech application development, that we are there as a true partner. We understand that we only succeed when you succeed.

When other vendors say "No," we say, "Let's Make It Happen!"

Whether you're just starting out, have an existing speech application, or want to implement new speech solutions to an existing platform, we offer a wide range of professional services to help you achieve your goals.

Design Workshop

Engage in this requirements discovery engagement that clearly identify relevant business, user, and technical requirements, and define the roadmap for building a speech application.

Voice Branding / Custom Prompts

LumenVox has partnered with GM Voices to provide our customers with professionally-recorded custom voice prompts that that match our LumenVox TTS voices. Click here to listen to custom prompt samples.

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