LumenVox Hosting

LumenVox maintains partnerships with several leading voice platform providers allowing us to host voice applications on a variety of the best VoiceXML-enabled platforms.

Additionally, LumenVox runs an on-site, state-of-the-art datacenter built specifically for hosting speech and telephony applications. This allows us to offer a complete range of hosting services for any speech or VoIP application. All of our systems are hosted on our carrier-grade, high-availability application hosting network, which currently handles millions of customer interactions each week.

Billions of minutes of inbound and outbound traffic have successfully traversed our network.

Hosting Services are available to customers who have contracted and licensed a LumenVox Hosting Program.


  • Multi-vendor platform
  • Voice XML 2.0 certification
  • Inbound and outbound call processing
  • Fully Redundant and geographically disparate data centers
  • Intelligent call routing
  • CTI integration and Network ACD with enterprise viewing and management
  • Call recording and conferencing
  • 24/7 technical support services
  • Developer-to-developer support
LumenVox Hosting Services


  • SIPDIP: Inbound 800 Number services with SIP dip marketing survey and re-route back to your facilities
  • Open standards like VoiceXML, CCXML, SRGS, SSML and VoIP
  • Cloud based API using MRCP V1 or V2
  • Redundant, carrier-class VoIP hosting facilities in San Diego, California and in our multiple facilities. We can enable you to install and run any Windows, Linux, program on our multi-vendor platform.
  • Use our tools and network to develop new consumer services based on our global voice network. Carriers can use us to reduce capital expenditure of development time, specialized staff, and equipment costs associated with rolling out new IVR services. Developers can directly access our global phone network using Flex/Flash, Java, PHP, .Net and other familiar programming languages.

Our next generation IVR applications help our clients make the most of every customer interaction, enabling them to reduce the costs of customer care, increase revenue and raise customer satisfaction.

  • Speech-enabled call routing applications that empower callers to self-navigate with efficiency and accuracy
  • Speech-enabled destination applications capable of automating the most complex service interactions
  • Self-service data applications via Web, SMS, WAP, J2ME and BREW
  • Elegant, intuitive user interfaces with customizable persona


We guarantee uptime excluding scheduled maintenance.

Generally, Network Uptime includes the proper functioning of all of our servers and services, but does not include the proper functioning of servers or services run by you or other vendors.

Specifically, Network Uptime includes proper functioning of all IVR hosting service infrastructure including telephone numbers, telephony lines, telephony connectivity, telephony gateways, IVR platforms, network routers, network switches, network cabling, VPNs, leased lines, direct Internet network connectivity and proper functioning of all LumenVox managed customer servers. It also includes network connectivity to customer servers co-located with us, but does not include proper functioning of hardware, software, or services on co-located servers. Finally, network uptime does not include the proper functioning of your own web servers, software, or services; or third-party Internet connectivity between our network and your own network.

LumenVox Hosting Services

Security / Encryption

LumenVox products and services are designed to comply with:

  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act 1999
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • SSL – Use SSL (256-bits) to protect communications between LV and your application
  • HTTPS Authentication – We support over HTTPS both HTTP Basic and Digest Authentication. This allows your service to be password protected so that only you are granted access
  • Client Certificate
  • VPN


  • Total redundancy
  • IVR Hosting is built on IVR platforms owned and managed by LV at our hosting facilities in San Diego, CA and our multiple clouds that are engineered for peering efficiency
  • Proactive and reactive monitoring systems constantly monitor each location
  • If a problem occurs at one location, calls are immediately re-routed within our network
  • Each facility features completely redundant power, cooling, network connectivity, and servers
  • Each geographically diverse data center is home to multiple Tier-1 ISPs, meaning we minimize the risk of service interruption due to unexpected regional events and natural disasters
  • Redundant system architecture — both within and across data centers — coupled with the latest in provisioning, mirroring, and virtualization technologies, makes our platform the leading hosted voice services solution


LumenVox can develop your application. Hosting rates are typically a minimum of $4,000/month. The per-minute rate decreases as your committed monthly dollar minimum increases and contract expands to include more than 12 months.

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