LumenVox White Papers


Our White Papers are technical articles intended to delve deeper into a specific subject. They are also helpful as reference guides during the development of a speech application. If you would like to suggest topics that would be useful as resource material, Contact us.


This section contains information on general speech recognition topics of interest.

All About Grammars The Heart of Your Speech Recognition Application.

API or MRCP Integration? Choosing a Development Path for Speech Recognition Solutions.

Distributed Architecture for Speech Applications Speech recognition applications in telephony environments not only require increased processor load but are also mission critical and "down time" is not an option.

DTMF to Speech: The Final Frontier Best Practices for Converting Touch Tone® Applications To Speech Recognition.

Speech Tuning Strategies Tuning Strategies for Speech Recognition Applications.

Disambiguating Speech Recognition Applications There are four methods that a speech recognition developer can use to plan for (and react to) potential ambiguities in a response from a caller to a speech-enabled IVR system.

Leveraging Information to Increase Call Completion in Speech Recognition ApplicationsThe goal of a speech recognition Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is to successfully provide and/or capture automated data through to call completion.

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