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  • In the final part of the Why Choose LumenVox video series, we wrap up our discussion with a look at many of the extra resources LumenVox provides for free to its users, and reiterate our willingness as a company to go above and beyond the industry standard for customer service. We also discuss the future of the company and our technology, and how all of these items are reasons to choose LumenVox as a speech recognition partner.
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Video Transcription

Why Choose LumenVox - Part 3

Welcome to Part Three of Why Choose LumenVox. In the first two parts, we talked about our corporate philosophy of being a partner to our users, and how that relates to the technology we offer, the licenses we provide, and some of the other add-ons that come with buying a LumenVox license. I'm going to wrap that all up today and also cover some other cool features to think about when choosing speech recognition. One of those things is our website.

LumenVox offers a website that is a lot better than our competitors.

Most of our competitors' websites have very little technical material, and what material they do have is often hidden behind login screens, or you need to be a developer, or a tiered user, or a customer. In other words, they hide this stuff away and it's not easily accessible. LumenVox is quite the opposite. We have more than fifty of these training videos online, and these are a really great tool. Really, it's the equivalent of a multi-day training course. If you were to pay a company to come and give you this kind of training on developing speech applications, you would probably have to pay tens of thousands of dollars and spend a week in training. We give it to you all for free online.

We do have training available via webinar, or you can come down to our offices and take training, and that's great because you get Q&A with an instructor. But these online training aids are a really great thing. Let's say you've paid for and completed your training, and then one of your developers leaves your company and then you have a new employee. You need to get the new employee up to speed on speech applications, but maybe you don't have the time or the budget for a full training class. You can just sit that person down and have them go through our training videos online as your scheduling allows. They will learn about building speech applications, writing grammars, basic IVR concepts, design, etc. Our website has many other things: tips, resources, videos, tech bulletins, all kinds of very interesting material so that you can succeed and build a great application.

We make more information freely available than anyone else.

We also go above and beyond what other people do in terms of providing technical information about our product. Our entire API is documented for our engine, so that's every single function you could ever want, and it's there on our help pages. You don't have to log in or purchase something. You can see what our API is like before buying our SDK.

If you need marketing material, we do have lots of it on the website, and we're interested in working with you. We can create material based on our website for you, custom-tailored to your users, and we can build landing pages on our website. If you want to send users to our website, we have a Partners section that we can build out for you and for your users so that you can learn about speech recognition with your software. Again, we want you to be successful. We don't want to gouge you for professional services and add-ons. We're going to work with you and help you, and our website is part of that.

We are committed to your speech needs.

We're all speech, all the time, and that means we have are committed to your needs. If you call us, we answer the phone. Send us an email and we'll reply quickly, with good, reasonable, intelligent support. Just getting a response from some of our competition is difficult, let alone getting a good one. If you call us and talk to technical support, there's a reasonable chance that we can get a programmer on the phone to help you. For instance, we had a case where someone came to us and said, "We need to get some audio out of your log files. The way you provide is great, but we need it in a slightly different format." We decided it would only take us ten minutes to do, so we wrote an application, sent it off, and that day the customer was able to get the audio the way they needed it.

We can honor special requests, we can work with you in ways that these big corporations could never do and we're happy to do it because we want you to be successful.

Need proof?

If you want proof that all this works the way I say it does, that our technology is as accurate and mature as our competition, go to the website, LumenVox.com. In the Solution Showcase, you can listen to a ton of actual production audio from systems out there. Here you can listen to things our customers have actually built. They are unedited interactions using our Speech Engine with a customer application.

You can just ask our partners, too. Here is someone from the Open Solutions company — they build IVRs for credit unions — talking about how we are an accurate, mature speech engine that has integrated easily with their platform. That speaks to what I've been saying: our product is just as good as our competition's, and in some ways, better.

You could talk to Larry Rushing, the president of Accelmark. They build street capture for addresses. He says that LumenVox's response is quick, helpful, and accurate, and that's our goal. Our Speech Engine should be quick and accurate, and so should our technical support, and it is.

We are always working on improving speech recognition.

I'm recording this video in early 2009, and we've just put out a release that has some cool new noise reduction technology in it. But we're not finished. We're actually putting more in right now. We've got our speech scientists hard at work on better noise cancellation algorithms, running through a battery of tests to see how well different ones perform until we know.

The next new thing isn't mobile, it's now. We all know that people need 24/7 access to speech applications, and they're going to be doing it on mobile headsets or speakerphones, so our noise reduction better be fantastic. It needs to be perfect, and that's what we're working on. We've got more stuff coming, and I don't even have time in these videos to get into it. I'll give you one example, though: when other people do accuracy tests, they generally just look at the first result from the engine. But the fact is, when you're doing speech recognition, oftentimes you want to look at the top three matches. It's called n-best, looking at a number of the best responses. Our n-best, according to some tests that we and our customers have done, is quite a bit better than our competitors'. Oftentimes, they give you a single good answer and then a bunch of garbage. We give you several good user responses. On our website, we have great material about working with n-best, building better applications based on it, and increasing your success rate.

The fact is, again, we are focused entirely on speech, and on building the best core technology we can. In 5, 10, 25 years, LumenVox is going to be around, we're going to be the leader in speech recognition, and we want you to come with us on that journey. So I urge you to make your choice today.

  • Choose a partner, not a competitor
  • Choose to work with a company that is dedicated to speech, and nothing else
  • Choose to pay less and get more
  • Choose an agile company that gives you what you need

Ultimately, choose LumenVox. I hope that's convinced you, and I hope you have some more questions for us. We'd love to talk with you. You can give us a call at +1-858-707-7700, or you can always email us.

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