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  • This video, covering advanced concepts in SI Script for speech recognition applications, also discusses meta variables and making the most of ECMA script. It includes an example application using the learned concepts in context.
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Video Transcription

Advanced SI Script

In this video, we'll delve into the advanced features in SI Script.

Meta Variables

Meta variables return information about a rule. The speech engine populates these meta variables as it parses the grammar, which means that the variables are not writable, they are read-only. This is because it's the engine, not your grammar, supplying the information. There are basically two meta variables available:

Provides the confidence score from the Engine

Provides the raw text for the given rule

We also have shortcuts available to us like we did with rules:

Use for information about the current rule (data that is currently being executed)

Use for information about the last rule matched

Making the Most of ECMA Script

Declaring variables
var varname = value

if (condition) {statement}
else {execute}
Within ABNF: Enclose SISR tags with {!{ }!}

Digit Recognition provides very high accuracy for single digits. However, likelihood of misrecognition increases as number of digits increases. To solve this with SISR, check the confidence score of each digit, throw out bad recognitions, and query database with good digits.

(Please see video at 11:50 for an example application)

Our next video will be about converting older grammars to use current SISR standard.

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