Increasing Sales for Digium Resellers, Part 2



  • The second part of our training video for Digium resellers gets more in depth about the pricing and features of LumenVox speech solutions on Asterisk. The video explores some of the resources LumenVox provides to help ensure new speech recognition applications are successful and highlights the key takeaways that will help you effectively boost your revenue by selling speech recognition on Asterisk.
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Video Transcription

Increasing Sales for Digium Resellers, Part 2

In part 1 we discussed how you can increase your margins selling speech applications with Asterisk. We also spoke about how the actual application is done. Digium provides a connector bridge so all the integration is done and your attention can be focused elsewhere. We also discussed all of the interfaces you can take advantage of including VXML which makes it that much easier to build speech applications on the Asterisk system.

What's Included?

Speech Tuner: This is a very valuable tool that is provided along with the Engine. There is no additional cost for the Tuner. To provide an idea as to the value of the tuning tool, just imagine of the number of speech enabled IVRs deployed today. For every IVR that works well, there are just as many — if not more — that do not perform adequately. The primary reason these applications fall short is because they have not been tuned. Tuning is a process that occurs at the end of building the application. After the initial deployment and real data can be collected, you would then do the tuning to correct the areas that have not been working as expected. Tuning makes the difference between mediocre applications and great applications. The Tuner also allows you to test changes made to the application prior to redeployment. With the touch of a button you can get immediate validation to see if your changes actually worked. Making these updates on the fly allows smaller companies and developers who don't have much experience in creating speech IVR's the ability to build quality speech applications quickly.

Also Included

We have realized that, particularly in the Asterisk community, there are a great deal of people who like to research on their own and take a self-service approach to getting information. So we have taken note and LumenVox has an extensive resource area on the Web site. Included is a large library of instructional videos. We currently have more then 25, and we are continuously adding to that number. In our videos we try and help you to understand how to build speech applications, how to use the engine, how to use the tuner, how to create great dialogs, etc. All of which are important in building dynamic and viable speech applications.

Additional Resources

In addition to what we have already discussed, LumenVox also provides free installation support to you and to your customers. This includes either email or phone support up to the pint where the engine is functioning on your system. We also provide a great deal of online documentation, including an extensive FAQ section. There also a Digium List Server which is very frequently used. So if you are the do-it-yourself type of person, we provide do provide all the information you'll need at no additional cost.

Growing Speech Community

The following chart shows the how speech has been adopted within the Asterisk community since we have introduced the package back in September of 2006:

Since the first month or so we had approximately 100 developers to download the engine and begin building applications. Currently we are at almost 700 developers actively building application using the packaged speech engine. We are seeing a great adaptation rate within the Asterisk community to bring speech into that great PBX environment.

Key Takeaways

We would like you to take away from this is that speech is really here. It is a mature technology and you now have all the tools to bring your speech solutions to the market. You also now have an incredible advantage when competing with systems that are more costly such as Avaya, Nortel, or Cisco for example. With an Asterisk server and a LumenVox speech enabled solution your product is less expensive first of all, and it's fully a fully integrated package which has capabilities that the competitors do not.

With speech you can now address the Market the market in a completely different way then you may have dome so in the past. Prior PBX sells were primarily targeted at people who simply wanted to use the telephone. So this meant dial tone and long distance types of applications is what was important to end users. Now you can go to your potential customers much a doctor and find out exactly what their pain is, what are their problems and challenges. You now can provide solutions to help your clients become more cost effective, and run their business smoother. By providing an application that is a complete turn-key solution addressing the challenges of your client, you have given open up a new market for yourself and obtained more opportunities for increased margins. You will also be able to sell more Asterisk systems and Digium components now that you have the capability to make solution based sells.

So now you have new revenue channels, and more Asterisks systems, but what is really most important is that Digium is supporting the integration of the Asterisk system with LumenVox. This gives you, your partners and your clients the security of knowing that all of the components will always be in synch with the latest releases and there will be continuous support. This should give you the confidence in your product knowing that you have a complete, fully supported cost effective solution that you can go to market with.

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