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  • This presentation covers how to add speech functionality to the Asterisk Dial Plan, including the Speech set-up commands and the Dial Plan speech results and cleanup items. It will also go over an example Pizza Ordering application code demonstration step by step. This video is targeted for Asterisk developers who are just beginning their journey into speech recognition.
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  • Part 1: Adding Speech to Asterisk

Video Transcription

Adding Speech to Asterisk

In this section, we're going to talk about the LumenVox / Asterisk integration.

Asterisk Dialplan

Allows developers to:

  • Design IVR applications
  • Play Prompts
  • Accept TouchTone
  • Route Calls

This all starts at extensions.conf in Asterisk.

What Speech Adds

  • Enhanced Ability to Play Prompts
    • Questions vs. menu-based prompts
  • Accepts Speech Input
  • Grammars
  • Confirmations
  • Handling the Interpretation
    • Name could equal extension

Dialplan Speech Commands

  • SpeechCreate (License)
  • SpeechStart
  • SpeechActivateGrammar (Label)
  • SpeechBackground (file) or (file&file)

Interpreting the Results

  • SPEECH(Result): number of results
  • SPEECH TEXT (index): actual interpretation of what the caller said
  • SPEECH SCORE (index): how sure we are of what they said vs. what we return to you

Dialplan Cleanup

  • SpeechDeactivateGrammar (label)
  • SpeechDestroy

(Please see video at 4:50 for an example Application Start)

(Please see video at 6:05 for an example Delivery/Pickup Interaction)

(Please see video at 7:32 for an example Confirmation Macro)

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