Speech Recognition Applications for Asterisk



  • This video covers the opportunities that Asterisk developers have to incorporate speech recognition, and then market their dynamic speech solutions to small to mid-size businesses. We also discuss the value of creating packaged applications and how standards-based software and affordable speech technology have driven a critical paradigm shift in the market.
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Video Transcription

Speech Recognition Applications for Asterisk

In this video, we'll discuss how applications will be driving the Asterisk system deployments in the future.

Why Speech?

  • Asterisk will go to markets it has never gone before
  • Speech will drive Asterisk deployments
  • Customer-centric Self Service now with every Asterisk system

The Paradigm Shift

There is a current paradigm shift in the market, which is that people are moving from the typical enterprise-type of application environment towards applications that can be utilized by small to mid-sized companies. We are moving from customized enterprise applications, which have been costing millions of dollars, toward packaged applications which cost thousands of dollars.

Previously, there was a long deployment cycle, and applications took a long time to get to the market. The deployment was also costly. And since many of the platforms were proprietary, there was a high risk in terms of potential portability and vendor security.

Now, we're moving into a space where everything is standards-based, and in the new IP-PBX space there is a very large install base, which many application providers can take advantage of.


Packaged Applications are largely taking the place of Custom Applications. There is a substantially reduced cost, and a relatively fast deployment. Usually, only minor customization (if any) is necessary.

Opportunity: IVR Migration to Speech Applications

  • Millions of deployed ports in existence
  • Easy migration path
  • Attractive license model

Packaged Application Examples

  • General: Voice Dialing, Auto-Attendant, etc.
  • Health Care / Pharmacy: Schedule Appointments, Prescription Refill, etc.
  • Retail: Customer Survey, Order Status, etc.
  • Financial Services: Telephone Banking, Mortgage Qualification, etc.

Deployment Parameters

  • Limited Budgets
  • Few committed resources
  • Short implementation cycles

Mass Market Adoption

In order to have the market at large deploy speech, we have to break down some barriers.

  • Low cost license models
  • Speech Engine, Apps, Tools
  • Off the shelf applications

Pre-packaged Applications

  • Vendors invest in build once, sell many apps
  • Instantly deployable, with only minor customization necessary

Asterisk Integration

LumenVox is fully integrated with Asterisk

  • Out-of-the-box Speech Enabled
  • Connector Bridge
  • Future security and support

Application Interfaces

Four ways to write speech applications:

  • Dial Plan
  • C API
  • Voice XML
  • Java

Speech Recognition for Asterisk - License Model

There are two license model environments within the Asterisk community: Open Source and Business Edition. The LumenVox Speech Engine, through the Connector Bridge, works equally well with both systems. The Business Edition comes with a port already built in, and with the Open Source system, you buy ports as you need them.

Speech Engine

  • Speaker independent
  • Standards-based
  • Linux, Solaris, and Windows Support
  • Built-in noise reduction models

LumenVox Overview

LumenVox was founded in 2001. We have been working very hard on building high-performance speech recognition technology, and our focus is ONLY on speech recognition technology. Our Speech Engine powers even the most complex and most demanding speech applications.


The opportunity and technology is available here, today, to build good speech applications with Asterisk and move into the new environment of speech technology. The technology is completely supported by Digium, and there is increased value for the Asterisk system now that it can be used by very complex applications.

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