Video Speech Recognition Applications for Asterisk



  • Selling telephony in the digital age is all about selling applications. This video will introduce you to the basics of selling speech applications on Asterisk: how you or your partners can leverage the LumenVox Speech Engine to develop affordable and flexible speech applications. It covers how Digium did the integration of the Speech Engine into Asterisk. The video also discusses the costs of licensing and the variety of technical support options that are available.
  • Licensing options are continuously being updated, so please contact LumenVox for current information.
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Video Transcription

Speech Recognition Applications for Asterisk

In this video we'll discuss the sales aspects of Asterisk-LumenVox integration. The main idea behind the integration is that it will increase your sales, because in the VoIP world, it's no longer about dial tone or long distance, it's about applications. One technology that is powering the application world is speech recognition, so the end result for you is that your sales numbers will go up. We're going to look at how that works, and the pricing, licensing, and support aspects of that.

Asterisk - LumenVox Integration

Unique Digium Connector Bridge

  • Ensures completely seamless integration of the Speech Engine with the Asterisk Dial Plan
  • Directly supported by Digium
  • Dial plan or C-API interface
  • VXML supported

Increase Sales

Sell more BE licenses

Ongoing revenue opportunities

  • Additional port sales
  • BE and Open Source

Support Structure

  • First/Second Tier Support: Digium
  • Third Tier: LumenVox

If you need support from LumenVox beyond the established structures, we have a large variety of port options available, as well as offering workshops and training packages. Between the support provided by LumenVox and Digium, your partners and end-users can always find help if they have questions about the implementation of the Engine.

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