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  • The LumenVox Speech Engine is a powerful, affordable speech recognition technology that can be used on Asterisk PBX systems for a variety of speech-enabled interactive voice response applications. This video will provide you with an overview of the technology, focused on helping you sell it to developers and users. It will give you an idea of what speech recognition software can do to help your customers, what it can't do, and it will highlight some of the most common questions you will get when discussing speech recognition.
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Video Transcription

Selling Speech Recognition for Asterisk

In this video, we'll be talking about selling speech recognition for Asterisk.

The "Ins and Outs" of speech recognition

What is Speech All About?

LumenVox offers powerful, full-featured and affordable speech recognition technology. We are a core speech technology provider for IVR Platforms, IP-PBX's, and Speech Solution Providers.

What is Speech Recognition?

Speech recognition is converting audio into text to be used by an application, like a call router. An exciting development in speech recognition is Natural Language. For the past few years, many of you have interacted, as a consumer, with single-word interaction. Using Natural Language in an IVR system effectively provides a more natural way of interacting with callers.

LumenVox Speech Engine

The LumenVox Speech Engine is speaker independent, which is very important because you're going to have callers with all sorts of different accents and ways of speaking. Speaker independent technology recognizes that well. In terms of languages currently available with the Engine for Asterisk, we offer American English, British English, Australian English, Indian English, Mexican Spanish, Columbian Spanish, and Canadian French.

Speech Recognition is NOT...

  • Dictation Software
  • Audio Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence or "Magic"

Why Do People Use Speech?

Speech is an easier, more natural interface than DTMF or touch-tone. Also, hands-free phone interactions are becoming much more important with hands-free laws becoming effective in the US. You cannot be on your cell phone while driving without an earpiece right now, and it's also dangerous and time consuming to navigate your phone's keypad or touch screen.

Common Applications

One of the most important environments is Customer Service apps. Many companies are moving from agent-supported service to a more automated approach. This is a growing acceptance and demand from the consumer for this. A good example is for balance inquiries.

Asterisk Solution Examples:

  • Call Router
  • Voice Mail
  • Voice Dialing

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