Speech Recognition In The Call Center Environment

Speech Recognition In The Call Center Environment

Are you interested in deploying speech recognition call center software? Perhaps you have a limited budget, few internal dedicated resources and you need a short implementation cycle. You are not alone, and these challenges are now easily overcome thanks to pre-packaged speech applications, affordable core technology and standards.

Previously, only large enterprises could afford speech recognition applications because the solution had to be custom built, and tuning and changes to the software came at a high price. There were proprietary interfaces for vendor software in addition to a lengthy deployment cycles.

So, what's changed? First off, the speech industry adopted standards, such as MRCP and VXML that instantly enable call centers to have choice. This created a competitive environment and drove down the costs of core technology. It also enabled call centers to create a best of breed solution and not be married to a particular vendor.

This shift also gave birth to a development community that could offer pre-packaged solutions directly to the call center market at a significantly reduced cost. So, what are some of these applications, and how can speech help your call center?

The most prevalent use of speech in a call center environment is the speech-enabled call router or auto attendant. Not only can calls be answered by an intelligent and friendly automated system, but your callers can quickly be routed to the right person to answer their question. Speech-enabled skills-based routing has helped call centers reduce operating costs and elevate the experience of the customers.

Other effective uses of speech include customer satisfaction surveys that enable call center managers to track agent performance and come up with success metrics. Of course, many call centers of retailers have implemented speech-driven ordering systems that allow customers to place, track and make changes to orders placed on the web or via telephone.

The barriers to entry have now been reduced for call centers to take advantage of speech recognition to improve productivity and provide a superior experience for their customers. To learn more about how speech can help your call center, call LumenVox today at 1-877-977-0707.

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