Common Applications

Speech Recognition Solutions — Common Applications

Speech Recognition applications come in many shapes and sizes. Large Enterprises and Small Businesses alike have begun to realize the full potential that a speech solution can bring to their bottom line. With increased customer service opportunities, speedy access to information, and improved responsiveness, speech solutions bring clear results for any company.

If you are considering building a speech recognition solution, you may have thought of the common applications such as a speech–enabled IVR system or Call Router. However, the sky is truly the limit as technology meets entrepreneurship in today's speech world.

Here are some examples of dynamic speech–enabled applications:


Speech-Enabled Communications Application
  • Directory Assistance
  • Unified Messaging Services
  • Voice Activated Dialing
  • Enhanced Directory Assistance
  • Voice Activated Email


Speech-Enabled Financial Application
  • Bill Payment
  • Mortgage or Loan Rate Finder
  • Fund Price and Performance
  • Stock Trading


Speech-Enabled Medical Application
  • Prescription Refill
  • Doctor's Appointments
  • Lab Results
  • Outbound Patient Survey
  • Insurance Claim Information

Customer Service

Speech-Enabled Customer Service Application
  • Order Placement and Purchasing
  • Account Activation
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Account Management
  • Account Notification
  • Dealer Locator
  • Schedule and Flight Information
  • Phone Shopping
  • Order Status
  • Rebate or Refund
  • Product Information/Literature Request
  • Job Hot Line
  • Internal HR Benefits Line
  • Catalog Request

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