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(JUN 2008) — To correspond with the release of version 8.5 of the LumenVox speech recognition software, we have completely revamped our extennsive online help system.

The new help site is available at www.lumenvox.com/help and includes a host of new features to better aid our users.

In addition to the better search and indexing detailed below, the help system also sports a brand new look that should make it easier to navigate, on both Linux and Windows and with multiple Web browsers.

Quickly Find What You're Looking For

One of the key features of the new help system is a Google–powered search. In addition to being able search through all of the speech recognition tips, white papers, and other articles on LumenVox.com, you can search specific help content for all of our products.

This should make it much easier to find the specific content you're looking for. But if you prefer to browse, the table of contents now render correctly on all major modern browsers.

Download the new LumenVox 8.5 today

The 8.5 release of our products is now available.

This software includes the changes mentioned in the March Tech Bulletin, such as the ability to uninstall licenses and a new Linux installation structure.

As long as your software maintenance is current, LumenVox 8.5 can be downloaded from the "My Downloads" section of your LumenVox.com account.

LumenVox Compliant with BroadWorks

Last month, BroadSoft certified the LumenVox Speech Engine as being compliant with its BroadWorks Platform.

Full details on the integration are available on the LumenVox Web site.

Solution Showcase

Another new feature of the LumenVox Web site is our Speech Solution Showcase, a section of the site that includes audio files of our speech recognition software in action.

While you can always call our speech recognition demonstration to try our software for yourself, the audio files in the Solution Showcase present a larger selection of real production applications built by our partners.

By listening to these audio files, not only can you hear proof of the quality of LumenVox's speech recognition software, but you can also hear how good speech enabled IVR applications function.

Good speech application design often takes a little more experience and foresight than designing simple DTMF–driven applications, so listening to these demos is a good way to get a crash course in speech application design principles if you're new to the technology.

Be part of the solution

If you have a speech recognition application that uses LumenVox, we'd like to feature it as one of the spotlighted applications in the solution showcase.

All we need from you is a sample audio file and a brief description of the application. If you would like, we can even do the recording for you.

If you have an application you'd like featured on our site, please Contact Us today.

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